Ray power

Raypower solutions estalished since 2012 producing photovoltaic modules is the market and technology leader with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Gandhinagar & Mehsana, India. Topsun is one of the leading system integrators with PV module manufacturing plant capacity 75 MW at current efficiency levels of 320 WP Crystalline Modules. It is the 1st Indian company to get Solarif Qualification and achieve successful export track record for over eight years. Topsun is an important and integral part of the renewable energy industry in India through innovation, reliability and quality.

solar panel, while rugged and durable in its finished form, requires a complex and very technical process in its production.

In traditional solar modules silicon wafers are impregnated with impurities to create a semiconductor that converts sunlight into electric current. Electrical contacts are then created to join one solar cell to another. As silicon reflects, an anti-reflective coating is placed on top of the silicon wafers, usually titanium dioxide or silicon oxide

Group Experience
Ray Power Energy Limited has been established in 2007 with a strong back up of its promoters and key partners as well as qualified professionals with high skills, knowledge, expertise and experience in major critical areas. Our progressive journey follows the visionary roadmap of quality and capacity enhancement, global validations and highest product live ratio.

Ray Power has been since inception a pioneer in providing Safe & Quality Solar Crystalline Photovoltaic products , product solutions and round the clock customer support to delight the customer needs and will continue do so to be one of the top leading companies in providing safe & quality products, product solutions as well as customer support in future which guarantee performance consistency , reliability, durability, customer delight, the best cost of ownership and environmental friendly disposal at the end of life.

Ray Power will enhance existing technology and involve new technology in solar products and solutions and explore new market segments through like-minded partners and associates in India and across the world.

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